Monday, September 24, 2007

september: seriously, where am i?

this month is a blur of activity. i have gotten to a few towns now and quite literally said "what day is today?" and "excuse me, but where am i?". for real. 10 states in one month and a van full of action will do this to a girl. you just forget because every night is sort of the same when there's a show every time; the only difference is the place you play, the hotel you move to, and the people you meet.

where have i been?

last weekish (sept 12th) , blueco went a few places, beginning with Grinnell College, IA. we didn't know a ton about the school, but became huge fans when we saw the pretty campus, packed gymatorium (you heard me) and met some great staff and students. we had some time between tech and the show on this one, so sniffen, teal and i walked around campus, lamenting our youth (meghan's 93), stealing those yellow campus bikes (which were demolished, but fun), and yoinking a frisbee from the ultimate team. we were treated like rock stars by the campus, and we partied hard at a bar called "the pub" with lots of students. again following all college campus rules yet established, grinnell wins with having the cheapest beer, keystone. it was 75 cents. 75 cents. nothing is 75 cents. i GIVE people beer for 75 cents.

this night soon became dubbed "75 cent mistakes", as we all got plowed and walked around walmart drunk with strangers. aimee snapped this photo of sniff and i where i tried to be unknowing party-city and while sniffs did his best "to catch a predator" bits. mission accomplished.

ooh! also, before i move past grinnell, i should say an improv dream that was accomplished here: michael and i did the outro at this school (meaning you wrap up and ask them if they want an improv set*). we have been getting standing o-s at the colleges, which has been so rewarding and fun, and as they stood, some kids in the bleachers started the kind of football-game-esque feet rumble, where you bang and stomp loud in approval. sensing they might do more, i dropped to my knees and started the we-will-rock-you clap as a bit on the floor, only to have the auditorium (wait, gymatorium) do it along with us, 750 people going apeshit. it made my life!

way to go, grinnell.

*people always answer yes to this, a resounding, screamy yes. one day, i hope a whole audience is like - mmm, no, we're good, thanks. i am dying for this to happen.


Blogger Timmy Tapeworm said...


2:05 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

we really are.


it's only going to get worse.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

This picture actually frightens me a little.

(A lot.)

6:30 PM  

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