Tuesday, September 18, 2007


...lahoma. september 6th.

that stop was first, back on our first major leg of touring this month, after a busy week of home shows and the st. louis trip. we went to OSU, home of the cowboys, and had a helluva time. this was our first experience running a scene called CENSOR not on home-turf, and it was a ridiculous experience. the theatre was in the round, seating maybe about 450 or so. the show received a standing o, and we also had a super fun improv set at the end full of old chestnuts like sing it and new choice/take that back/ding/should've said. felt familiar and fun, and the kids were warm and kind after the show.

meghan, sarah, shad, michael, sniffen and i ventured out later to the strip, a place full of campus bars where miller lites were (wait for it!) - 1.50. i've learned a lot on these trips, one thing being that it is nearly impossible not to become an alc, if only because it's so affordable.

played a fun game of our own construction, where you ask a question and then elect a person at the table your winner, while giving reason. for instance - someone posed the quandry that you could have one person be your bodyguard at the table - who would it be? several people got votes - sarah because she could intelligently finagle the situation, shad because he gets out of weird predicaments, teal because she knows how to handle shit, me because i was italian (we get it) and charming as hell (thanks, haskins). michael asked if we were all beers, which person would you drink and why. michael himself voted for me, because i'd be nice and fun, make you stay up late, party hard, and fuck all night. for some reason, this was strangely flattering.

maybe we should play more drinking games.

anyway, 6 dollars a piece later, we stumbled to a bar called stonewall, a place that two campus djs (kevin and seth) had recommended to us during my recording of a campus podcast (hopefully coming soon). on the way, we passed our beautiful campus hotel (the fucking atherton) and averted a sexual assault (not a bit).

oklahoma really aced it.


Blogger Lindsay said...

Totally. One thing I miss about Texas - cheap ass beer.

11:18 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

right? come on! i feel like all college towns give you the gift of alcoholism. that's no good. but cheap, yes? yes.

11:07 PM  

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