Sunday, September 02, 2007

stormy weather

about a week and a half ago, the perfect storm hit chicago.
it really couldn't have been more ridiculous or satisfying. even as funnel clouds streaked the green sky, everyone always said tornados can't hit the city.

we drove through this storm for a comedysportz remote out at a place called wellness house, a site for both survivors of cancer and a hospice for families and friends who had lost someone. the show was fun, and lighthearted, which it had to be - power cut out three times during the show, and i was quickly handed a flashlight to ref the spookiest dr. know it all out there.

we arrived back at the city to find old trees uprooted and overturned on almost every street in lakeview, each of them artfully dodging cars by only a hair. gutters were filled, signs bent to wind, leaves and branches everywhere, the lake bursting at the seams.

nothing is impossible.


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