Wednesday, August 08, 2007

gallens of love

last week, dear pal pat gallen (improviser, engineer) got married to the love of his life, nicole blanco (english teacher, sweetheart).
i've known gallen through a lot of things over the past few years - io's team Merman, and CSz to name a few. i've also known gallen through a lot of general tom-foolery (pranks, bits, and random ball-holdings at bars when he is wasted).

gallen (in spite of the ball holding) is a gentleman in the world left with very few gentlemen. he is chivalry shrouded in boyish charm, kindness wrapped in overzealous machismo.

to see him marry and be on the exclusive invite list was such a happy endeavor. the wedding was beautiful, held at old st. vincent depaul in lincoln park, and reception at the beautiful cafe brauer right by the zoo. everything felt like the great gatsby and oozed charm and beauty, especially my date laura personick (breakups lead to friend dates).

the guest book of said reception was an unusual fun treat - you snapped a photo with a polaroid, and filled out a sheet of advice and well-wishes to the newly betrothed. shad and kate ran before we got a chance to do a page of bits together, but we ended up feeling pretty proud of the page we finished - an improv team wishing the couple the best of luck, with an arsenal of bits to accompany the photo.
all of the arsenal aside - these guys don't need a lick of advice.
they're acing it.
happy wedding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TD- You are so pretty. Come with me to every wedding. Like ours.

9:19 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

oh, i will...

how am i supposed to fall in love with you?

sweet god.

10:01 PM  

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