Wednesday, July 25, 2007


this year, there seemed like little time to organize anything for my birthday. with the holiday and csz going to six flags just days before + work and shows in springfield, the day approaching seemed like it may be over before it began. only, with no bar party or friend dinner or romancin' in sight, the best thing happened - my fam came to town.

in the morning, we went to - let's face it - what was cleverly disguised as birthday breakf... my family loves a little restaurant called toast, a place in lincoln park that serves delicious things like breakfast burritos, intelligentsia coffee, eggs benedict, and french toast stuffed with marscapone cheese and topped with fresh fruit. it really is heavenly, and the only time i think i've ever been without them is on rare breakfast dates with my friend ithamar. so, i was itching to go back.

we ate and strolled later around millenium park, wandering past the famed bean and weirdass spitting water columns. nick, my mom and kathy were all impressed, and we took the obligatory photos of both. adorable.

i dropped them off at a boat tour and ran over to sc, just in time to make my 2pm rehearsal. we crammed until 6pm, grabbed some quick eats across the street (which i received gratis - thanks, boston mark!), and came back to get ready for the show.

the show was fun and my family seemed impressed. something was going on with the air in the building, and as our director noted, it definitely affected the crowd. however, it was still fun to know my family was right out there. i couldn't believe that they were there, seeing my first (official) blueco homeshow on the mainstage, right there with me.

even cooler?

about 15 friends all came to the show, getting to meet my family and hang with me across the street at corcoran's afterward. the coolest thing ever.

for not planning anything, you guys sure did ace it.

happy birthdo.


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