Saturday, July 07, 2007

chrissy, my great friend from hs, left last saturday - back to maine and a mini-vacay to see her lovely fam in c-bus after a month long rotation in chicago.

having chrissy here this last month was so fun and so lucky - when do you get a chance in adult life to live like you're in high school again (or, well, like, close to what it felt like, plus jobs)? i got to see amy and tara more, we did lots of things in the city that i wouldn't have made myself do. we were tourists in our own city again and appreciated everything; she was there during my bro's stuff and a breakup and it was just the best. she was comforted through some recent hard times for her and made the decision to move here next spring after her last year in maine.

i never want time to go faster (barring chicago's blistering winters), but i wish i could leap ahead to a year from now to see her 4 times a week again. it ruled. come b.


Anonymous Chrissy said...

Yes! We have so much left to do....roller derby, more salt and pepper brunches, looking at the rest of the globes!

10:36 AM  

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