Tuesday, July 03, 2007

adventures in internet dating

it's really happening now.

so, i had a breakup not too long ago and a couple friends outside the bizzzz told me to try something new and go online. yow. now, i know that even writing about this here means a., people can google my shit (already happened thrice) and find out i'm doing this, and b., people could find out what i think of them through this blog after we have said date. garg. i know. but life is interesting, right? and this is the sorta shit people wanna know, let's be honest. so, seeing how things go, i'll let you in on little nooks and crans.

so far so good. have had four dates with gentlemen, all of which have gone pretty mothafuckin' well. i think i won't have a ton of time for more in july. in one scenario, things got a little more intense than i would've liked quick - though i was really down with this guy, so, i'm just sort of seeing what else there is. let's all calm down a little bit.

this is all i have for now. be cool, everybody.
they are probably all reading this now.
are you?


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