Tuesday, July 03, 2007

the Taste

so, comedysportz has done two days worth of shows at this year's annual Taste of Chicago. the shows have been unexpectedly fun as can be - super cute crowds and lots of fun bits both days. i've done my part in all four shows, but if you're at the taste tomorrow and want to catch some comedo, see some pals at the sports/international pavillion for either of two shows between 1-2:30 pm. it was a blast.

i kind of hate the taste, though. i'm all for revenue for the city in fun ways and all for new booths getting seen, but now it's just sorta pizza for 8 tickets and crowds out the wazoo. hmm. well, why complain? i had fun, no matter. see!: copper cowboy, the original tin man, and the robinson's ribs booth. robinson's ribs by far gave best show of day singing the whole time they served to get customer attention - nothing set - just things like whooping "baby BAAAAACK!"/"oh! oh!"/"what we GOT?" to the underscore of a shitty radio.



Blogger Kristine said...

Oh, man. The Taste. I know what you mean; I kinda hate it too. But when you're far far away, it sounds like the BEST THING EVER. (Especially when your Mom and your fam are there and they're all going to the fireworks and you're somewhere cold where it's not even a holiday.)

WOE IS ME! I wish I had some Eli's frozen cheesecake on a stick.

4:15 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...


you really are screwed.

(don't worry, eli's wasn't so great this year. why doesn't that shit have crust? the crust is the best part of cheesecake, arguably.)

5:18 PM  
Anonymous christineswartz said...

I was 2 minutes in when I decided that I wanted to leave. Spent all $14 worth of tickets at one thai place to get it over with. That is not the spirit of the taste!

But was a good thought....it was just too close to opening night, I think.

4:16 PM  

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