Saturday, July 07, 2007

the fourth this year for me was sorta non-eventful because of other things going on - shows on all the days before it, a new show to learn, and a csz outing on the 5th starting in the early morning. i was delighted and sad when my family called from near the UA parade, all together and cooking out but me. nothing is better, though, than finding out part of your fam that doesn't come to chicago much is coming on your birthday to see your first real SC tourco show on monday. my mom, my bro nick and his gfri kathy are all coming on sunday. that rules! so suddenly, the fourth didn't matter much at all. i travel to our state's cap today to do my first non-understudy show away. when i get back, it's fam time. maybe we'll go celebrate on sunday night togeth.

having my family here sounds like the most fun ever. i've gotta think of fun things to do. millenium park, maybe a boat tour, that sort of stuff.

as a sidebar, i've been to the hancock twice this month, and i think there's probably another time in store on sunday or monday. three times in four weeks. and i hadn't been for years.

rock the 'cock, y'all.
that's my motto for life.
i should think that one through more.


Anonymous Chrissy said...

I like "rock the hanckii" (Haen-key)

10:38 AM  

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