Wednesday, July 25, 2007

congrats, csz team!

rizzutto, moffitt and i drove to quad cities (about 3 hours away) for one day to check in on this year's csz tournament players (prouty, dewaegeneer, washington, and elwell) and see their show. csz is such a great place, and being there one day certainly makes you want to have time to stay and meet all the others from the 19 other cities that come to playfully duke it out.

one thing i really love about csz that some other joints don't have?: that. the camaraderie. you can always kinda play with another city. it's like someone invented a new universal language and you all sorta speak it. the language of bits.

i know my schedule is probably only bound to get worse, but i'm crossing fingers to go next year for the whole four or five days. it's like camp. sportzcamp.

hi to you all.


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