Tuesday, September 18, 2007

friday night lights

texas, september 7th and 8th.

i drove the crew the 5 hours to DFW the next day, which was a fun first turn at bat in a badass rental we had. texas driving, we learned, was strange and sort of terrifying - normal roads immediately turned into one ways, long corporate drives split off of major highways. but, well, whatever. thank god i like driving.

this was our first day off that we'd had on any trip i'd been on - michael and sarah had to teach a workshop, but the rest of us (post-driving) got to max and relax in our crowne plaza. we all headed to get barbeque and then i promptly took a luxurious two hour nap, evidence that i had not been sleeping well until then.

i was woken up to find that kunks, malone, haskins and teal were heading to a high school football game - they had kindly called me to wrangle, and i ran from my room to join. this became easily one of my favorite things we have done so far, some for the spontaneity of the event, and two, because i really love bizarro outings. we promptly began rooting for the lions (see evidence, including chuck not being able to wrap his head around forming an "N"), who lost a shit-ton to none. that's all you need to know. it still ruled.


Blogger Tom said...

Dammit. The line was only a shit-load, and I took the Lions and the points. Bye-bye, unbroken thumbs!

12:38 AM  

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