Tuesday, September 18, 2007

texas - not just for conservos anymore!...but, mostly.

there's something i love about this.

remember that scene i mentioned a few posts back? censor? yeah. well, we ran that in tech - a time where you do tops and bottoms of scenes and glow tape the stage, mark areas, set props, and work out sound kinks. since we had only done censor once on the road, we ran the whole thing. necessary. normal.

maybe i should've explained before: censor is relatively racy, and it is what we believe prompted this sign, right, to be posted after our tech situation was over.

i won't give spoilers, but, um, yeah.
it's bad.

...and we really gave it to 'em.

later, we pool partied, got wasted, and somewhere in there (thanks to tim sniffen) i became the best drunk maya angelou that has ever been. i don't know how many i'm competing with, but still. i might be the best*.

see the show if you want to know what i mean.
unless you're from texas - then, run for your life.



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