Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it ain't over until you perform in an opera house

cedar falls, iowa: september 13.

blueCo was lucky enough to perform in an opera house with 5 levels – seating about 1650 for a double show night. the first show was a tame crowd – pleased but older. the perk of this audience was all the kunkles it contained; shad’s parents (tom and jeri) and several relatives watched our first of the two. it was fun to see where kunkle came from. it’s funny – in adult town, you don’t really get to meet your friend’s parents. you grow up inundated in your friends lives, knowing how their home life and family ties shape them. for that reason, it’s one of my favorite things to meet parents as we all get older… it makes me feel like we’re young again, and it reminds me to be constantly aware that the people i know exist beyond this limited scope i’ve met them in. neat.

our second show in the space was killer – tons of kids from Northern Iowa University showed up, and we had a blast. of our shows on the road, each on the college circuit has received standing ovations… well, all but Texas. …Come on. we're not magic.


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