Thursday, June 15, 2006

sweet and low

Been feeling kind of low lately. There's really not much reason, but I think that some of it is just feeling tired. Yesterday, I was in a funk all day, but a strange one. Just quiet. Didn't feel like talking or hanging out, which is a rarity.

Over and over again this week, I've felt the sensation where you don't want to do something, but you just do it anyway. I think I've convinced myself into thinking this is professional in cases of not-feeling-like-doing-a-show, or good for me when it comes to working out, or brave when it comes to sharing myself with someone else, or whatever. This may be accurate in all these cases, but guess what? Sometimes you don't want to don't want to do a show, or go to the gym, or be vulnerable. I just don't when it's okay to say no.


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