Sunday, November 27, 2005

turkey indeed

you guys, thanksgiving could've been better.
please note this has nothing to do with anyone but me.

the minute i hit the car on wednesdo, i had a fierce headcold. it was pretty bad, but i took a bunch of junk and figured it was going away. it did, but you know what came in it's place?

the stomach flu; douchebag.

i haven't had the stomach flu in years, and it S U C K E D.
i got major hot-flash/chills on thursday evening, like, the strip-down lay on the tile kind of temperature, and then it was over. from 5am on until now (including drive back), i've been sickpuss. i'm not a super whiny cold-getter, but
i'm sickpusssss!

trying to shake it off tonight - watching lots of tv and drinking fluids. quarantined! i suck. suck! i didn't get to see any of my friends from high school, nor was my family nothing but a kind, gentle haze. thank g christmas is only 3 weeks away so i'll get a second chance.

you won't break me and my spirit, stomach flu!
you won't!


Anonymous Regina said...

Misery loves company. Here in SLC one of my twin sons got the stomach flu on Thanksgiving, the day after my other son started throwing up, then on Saturday my mother-in-law got it and by 4am on Sunday I was down for the count.

Today at work I heard of another sick on the holiday story...and that's just not funny!

Sorry to hear you were sick. We were with you on that. Hope you're feeling wishes from SLC.

8:18 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

aw, regina! that's really nice, and sorry to hear about everyone in the free world getting this. yuck!

it is gross, and finally nearing it's gruesome end with me, so i'm stoked.

thanks to everyone that wrote nice e-s, too!

2:26 AM  

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