Tuesday, November 22, 2005

rhythm is gonna getcha

i've recently become addicted to a class called powerflex at bally's. it's a lifting class with a perky instructor, set in time to upbeat, techno-ish type music. you use barbells and weight plates, and are lead to lift, press, and push yourself through a regimented set of exercises. this class is extremely popular, both because you can work at varied levels, and as it tends to fall exactly when america gets off work.

you know how some people have a big problem with rhythm? it's super common, some people can't feel it, and it's totally understandable. my problem is exactly the inverse. i cannot do anything out of time. i feel pulses in everything i do; i just had a conversation with one of my musical directors about this, about how i can't keep off-rhythm time.

because of this "good"-rhythm thing, i am always in time with the techno-y music, and the instructor, who is great at keeping the right time per count with music, no matter if the count varies. inevitably, though, i will be stuck next to a girl who does not have sense of beat, who will do reps out of sync.

but she is forgiven, as this is a normal problem.

the girl i hate is the second kind who does this, who does not convince me she has bad timing, but wants to convince me that she is SO good that she'll race through reps/jump the gun, like "i know what's coming assholes, ha HAAAAA!", instead of just staying in time. i hate you, that girl. stay in time! we all get it! you are a stupid know-it-all! we know that upright rows are here, you fuck! you are throwing off my biorhythms! brain does not compute! drum machine robot malfunctioning!


Anonymous Meg said...

For what months when I was about 7, I thought of every step I took as a note in "Yankee Doodle Dandy." As a result I had to walk, not to the beat of the song, but to the notes-- which forced me to stop (or slow down) twice after every 13 steps. Try it.

Does this mean I have good rhythm too? Or am I just OCD?

12:59 PM  
Blogger eileen said...

Hmmm, I can keep a rhythym, but I can't sychronize my body movements with a group of people for shite. I went to one aerobics class in my life, and I couldn't follow the steps and ended up just jumping up and down to the rythym instead, which made me crack up because I knew how silly I looked, and the fact that I was laughing out loud while jumping up and down made me look even more ridiculous. I never went back. and meg, no offense, but you crazy, girl.

1:29 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

meg - holy balls. i have things like this, too. doesn't everyone? if i think about it too long, i get all crazers, so i'm ending this comment.

9:36 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

eileen - you are not the girl i'm angry at. you did everything you could. a girl jumping in time laughing next to me would be my new b-fri.

9:37 AM  

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