Monday, November 21, 2005

gluten madness

it's 2:29 am, and this guy is still awake. i did a show, i read half a book, i watched the beginning of 24:season 2, and now, i'm here. i think it's all the gluten. it must be. so, glutentag.

sometimes i'm required to watch my gluten intake during certain periods. essentially, for you novices, gluten just means bread. kind of. bready things. people who have a condition called celiac disease have to avoid it all the time (i don't have this), but the ingredients can interfere with some of the things i've gotta go through.

now, today i was told that gluten is back on, so i went gluten crazy. it was glutennacht. glutennacht, coincidentally, is also the night of broken glass. back: unintentionally, everything i ate today had something glu-ey in it: golden grahams (delicious), spicy basil with tofu from penny's (dreamy), and straight glue (better than you'd think). that's normal, right?

now, after this no-doze of sorts, i do think that sugar intake has a bigger effect on me than i would've known. it makes me consider giving up gluten - or at least, cutting it back.

something about me likes food restrictions. or really, any restrictions, to be honest. there's some game in it - like, being told you can't eat anything orange for a week. okay, sure. let the games begin. like this: a friend of mine, joanna - well, actually a few friends - have tried/are contemplating trying this fasting thing for three days. it's gotten a lot of press lately, actually, because i think it's a poor-man's cleansing technique. i believe the ingredients are lemon, water, honey?, cayenne pepper, and something else. one tear from a virgin? something like that. anyway, after those three days, you're supposed to experience a high of sorts - maybe like a runner's high. here's what i say: go take a run, friend. are you ready to elect yourself to go bat-shit crazy in three days time? if you think you're ready, then you're probably already there.

still, something sick in me wants to try it. there's no reason, it's just to see if i can. i like mental and physical tests. maybe i have something to prove.

wanna fight?


Anonymous trace said...

bring it.
actually, i did a four day fast when i was backpacking in utah. some peeps were all, "i want to know that if i am stranded in the woods i can make it without food"... i was like, fart face... if you are stranded without food you have other probs than being hungry (the stranded part) ...anyway i went for it mostly to see what it felt like, and yeah a bit of a test...anyway it was wild... also, cold out and carrying a heavy pack made it intch. but the strangest thing was how i could smell boiling water... i ate nothing, and drank only water...but when my hike partners would boil water for pasta, cocoa, beans... i could smell the water boiling...normal?
anyway, did you ask?
that is all.

1:10 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

intsch! be caref.

you can smell boiling water? that's gotta be like, some great skill that could get you through something... i just don't know what.

11:13 AM  

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