Wednesday, August 31, 2005

patch adams

i know this is a rough bunch of posts - after this, i'll probably eagerly go back to posting about things that don't matter as much, but know that this stuff is permeating the lives of those down here; it's near all we can think of.

here is friend of a friend's blog, a man who decided to "stick it out" during the hurricane. he's running everything off a generator, and posting by text message. there seems to be a lot of info here that isn't on the news re: looting, prisoner escape, and death tolls. i don't have a good world-view being here; are people as concerned up north as they are down here in LA?

today we're going to town - the casino people we're all working for have let us reshuffle our workshops, allowing us to get into the evac center and lend a hand instead of waste time. one of the people i'm with, alida, is also fascinated by everything going on and is eager to help - she's very kind. the united way may want us to do a show. there are 1800 people at the center with little to do (800 of which are children), and pressure to find things to do is high. the people here are urging us to act by sweetly telling us that we "have a gift", which i'm assuming is the gift of ye comedia. everyone believes in the power of laughter in healing (and distraction, moreover), but let's be frank - if some jagoff told me to watch a bunch of goofy bits while my house was underwater... maybe i'd feel differently about forward-reverse. we'll probably only do a show if people can choose to watch us in a quarantined space within the building, an optional thing maybe even for just the kids, rather than forcing it on people who aren't ready. that'd be gross. in any case, we hope to help out somehow tonight - even if it doesn't include jock jams and a whistle; or, i should say (let's be honest) - hopefully, it doesn't include jock jams and a whistle. we're prepared to do what they think is best.


Blogger christine said...

tara- I am so UNBELIEVABLY PROUD OF YOU!!! FFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!! I am so glad you are in the midst and in a position to help and willing to any way you can. I am about to "donate $5 to the hurricane relief fund" given by the hospital.......totally small as smallest potatoes compared to being down there and actually making a difference in people's lives.

7:12 PM  
Blogger christine said...

by the way.....hilarity on the fox "news" channel. The day after the storm they said (real quote) "there has been a lot of looting. a sporting goods store was just robbed and there were guns and ammunition stolen. It is martial law down here now. I repeat MARTIAL LAW." panic inducers.....then like 30 minutes later......"we would like to clarify, it is NOT martial law on the streets of New Orleans. Back to you Jim..."
fucking flip floppers

7:15 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

that is so dumb. people are so into shock news, it's stupes. there's certainly enough real shock already, you know?

don't be too proud, sills... it's not that big of a deal, plus, they still have to figure out if we can do anything. people are really losing it at the center, i guess... really angry, frustrated with grief. they need time to process stuff and they have nowhere alone to do it.

1:14 AM  

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