Thursday, August 25, 2005

can i get some fries with that questionable racism?

finishing up another creative, and i'm watching the local news for a break.

my people did it again: some douchebag made a dish at an itals beef shop called "ghetto fries". uh-oh. yep, ghetto is a neutral word racially, technically speaking, but is it anymore? interesting.

is it offensive?, nbc 5 asks us - it's your call! either way you think, there's certainly arguments to both. obvs, i'm liberal johnny, and offstage my personal level of screening my own semantics is pretty high. either way, i bet all can agree that there was probably a better name out there.

like, hoodrat fries.
something like that.
hoodrat? chickenhead? hoochie fries?
i love these chickenhead fries!
...neutral, y'all.
go rent do the right thing.


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