Sunday, August 14, 2005

DeFran Surprise

here's something neat i forgot to mention - last week (8/6) i ran out as captain of the red team, high fived the first row, and went to my bench. we were playing 4 on 4, and someone on my bench noticed a little girl sitting out in the audience. it was 10:30, and it's pretty unusual to see many kids at that show - although the show is "family friendly", the later it gets, the more risque the audience gets. "must be tourists," i said, implying that they don't care about the time as much.

or, my family!

after about five minutes, i walked out to the audience for a bit in the show's format, and the lights finally didn't block my sight. it was a bunch of defrans! becky, melissa (becky's daughter), and melissa's three daughters were there. it was amazing. they had come into town to shop and have a lady-weekend, hitting the hard hittin' chicago classic, American Girl Place. they surprised me by popping into my show, and had a great time. so did i! thanks to them for catching a show - it was a really great one, too - and the more people in my family that know that i'm not a stand-up, the better. ;)

sidebar: during typing this whole thing, i realized that i had no idea what to call my relatives. truly, melissa is my (second?) cousin. wait. what does that make becky? when i was little, anyone who was older than me, even if they were a cousin, was called "aunt" or "uncle". is this an italian thing? it's caused a lot of trouble in my adult life, where i've actually considered what real relationships must be. if you're a family tree kinda guy, gimme a breakdown, won't ya?


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