Friday, August 19, 2005

into the wild blue yonder

air show's this weekend. it's on the lake, and it kind of rules.
i don't care what people say, i like it.

i lied in the post below, i won't be sleeping at all this weekend. i'm writing a gig, and inbetween - on sat, i'm playing kickball in the park, and on sunday, i'm checking out the blue angels and their finest with some friends. jjjealous?

man, their practice run is roarin' over my apt as we speak.
here we go, machismo!


Blogger christine said...

There is a hot air balloon show here today. I was driving into the hospital and the sun was rising and the balloons were lifting off. The neat part were grounded, some near and some far. One was the statue of liberty! Anyway, those things can really move! (But not like the fighter jets, I'm sure.) It was more a show of elegance than machismo. Machismo was me making pizza last night.....get

8:20 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...


i've seen some pretty weird balloons - i just saw a f-ball balloon the other day when i was driving back from virginia.

wanna play some f-ball?

11:34 PM  

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