Friday, August 19, 2005

Stone Cold Comedy

part of me hates that title, but thought i should note that csz did a thing called theatre thursdays last night. lots of restaurants, including sapori trattoria and coldstone creamery, donated treats and whatnot to patrons that came by yesterday evenin'. it was nice. plus, we had a heated debate over whether it was trat-or-REE-ah or trat-TOR-ree-uh. worth it!

fun cast, fun show, plus 'scream.

i have been reffing the shit out of shows. i am tired. i think i realized it last night. i sure do love it, but i can tell i'm losing it when i'm in the middle of explaining a game. i shift to autopilot. that's not fun. it works, but it's not funfun. i don't know that people can tell at all, but i can tell. i'm gonna try to get it back when i ref on sat again. to giving your all!

p.s., here's this weekend of shows, you loyal f*cks:
thurs - 8pm Theatre Thursdays at CSz, ref
fri - 8pm show at IO, with Merman closing
sat - 8pm show at CSz (ref) / 10:30pm show with CSz (red team)
tues - TAG at IO, 8pm / Merman closing 9pm harold shows.

also, you can see me in my b-room, sleeping it off, anytime between.


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