Monday, August 22, 2005

laguna f*cking beach

tonight, i have to cloister myself away to write a corporate treatment for a casino rally in louisiana. it's weird work, generally not impossible, but kind of mind-frying. during the day, i've had the same feeling i've had when i used to cram for exams, or write thesis papers in half the time i should've used.

to revisit this college feeling is bizarre, and totally, totally great. pulling those all-nighters was always such a challenge, like cross-training for a marathon or something. when that run was over, and you handed your paper in the next morning, you got to wear your track pants, hoodie sweatshirt, and b-fri's ballcap around like trophies of your victorious wrestling match with the night. seeing those trophies on everyone else during an exam week was like a secret handshake to other members of the same fraternity; students fighting the night.

so, always, as i've learned more about being a comedy writer and complying with inordinate amounts of deadlines, i've also resorted to the same habits i had a few years back. this equals a considerable amount of stalling and distraction during the time that should be most fruitful.

biggest distraction to me - and apparently, america - is laguna beach. my stupid roommate megan stupid o'neill stupid turned me onto this show, and at first i thought it was pretty awful. it's the real OC, y'all! that's what they say! no one has any personality! the girls are whores and the boys are dumb as rocks (and whores)! graphic tees abound in this mtv classic.

tonight, i cracked under the pressure and actually waited for it to come on.
i have been turned.

for anyone who watches, my favorite is easily, easily kristen. she is super pretts, she is fun, and she tells it like it is. yeah, she cheats on her boyfriend! so? she talks about people behind their back - and then she tells them to their face! so? at least she has opinions and thinks something! she is a complete hooker. so? go get yours, girl! you are 12! i like her. eat it.

i hate myself.


Blogger meoneill said...

A). You're Stupid
B). Laguna Beach is wonderful
C). Kristin Rules and Jessica should be punched in the face by a large ethnic man and Alex M should be peed on by a homeless guy
D). You want to give Jason and HJ so bad no wonder you can't focus on your dumb homeowrk!

Tara D is America, they love all the same things. 10 dollars says he is watching MadTV right now.

11:06 AM  
Blogger gregorytodd said...

What! Kristin sucks. LC is the best y'all!

Seriously, last season Kristin caused some major troubles among "friends" and now it looks as if she has her sights set on Talan. Probably because his name is Talan.

What you didn't mention is that the biggest j-hole on the show is Stephen. He is nothing but trouble. If only Trey were back to just be fun and funny. I hope he is loving college (art school, super talented).

Oh, and I don't watch this show with Martin... opposite.

11:42 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

granted, i have tuned in late. what happened before? tell me everything! i have no idea what happened last season, except for the episode where stephen went bat-shit crazy on kristin at some stripper-pole establishment. that guy is NUTS.

LC? hmm... i say this not knowing ev, but she seems trodded-on and clingy. also, she's a lie-dog about being bonetown betty with stephen - am i wrong? whoever you like on laguna b is who you are! have some self-respect, hess. you okay? you wanna talk?

jason is a failure. he's gonna have hep-B in 6 months.

...and so will i! (runs off crying)

moneill- you are still stupes.

12:14 PM  

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