Saturday, August 27, 2005

send me your tired

i leave for Vinton, Louisiana at 7am tomorrow. this has been a stressful week of writing, so i'm ready to get the ball rolling and tech tomorrow, to move forward. i'm sick of not being home - i never realized how taxing it is to be away all the time. i've been home for the past two weeks and it's seemed like forever.

right now, hurricane katrina is at category 3. did you know this? yikes! there's a serious threat to LA, MS, and AL.

my friend, nicole, from high school, lives in New Orleans. the town she and her fiancee are evacuating to is right next to Vinton. that means that i'll get to see her - or maybe, they'll even stay with me. if you have friends there that need help, please don't hesitate to send them my way - i'm on the texas side, inland. we're staying at the racetrack and casino! i'll be real sweet, try to score all free buffets, and teach them lovably dumb improv games...

every hurricane has a silver lining.


Blogger christine said...

YOU GUYS! Get the f outta there! This is major. Seriously, I hope you are safe.

7:07 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

you said it. we've been here since very early today - mostly teching and stuff. it's way worse than we had imagined, and there was really no way to tell, to foresee it.

today was mostly fun, but now we've all hit a bad wall - all four of us only had two hours of sleep last night, and now people are starting to react as the night comes in. people here are starting to freak a little bit, and you can see why.

tonight, in the sky, there was a "seam" - that's what one of the locals called it. it was the first cloud in that was in a perfect line hanging over the casino. apparently, that's what the "beginning" looks like.

seriously, no bits- if people you know down here need a place to be, please send them my way. i have a room to myself here, and plenty of space. it's no problem. get them safe(r).

10:55 PM  

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