Thursday, August 25, 2005

nightdriving, deserves a quiet night

tonight, i realized i had been out of the house less times than i could count on one hand in the past two days - once to do a show, to workout, to get cash out, etc. that pissed me off. i was mad that my summer nights were being stolen, so i went and grabbed coffee with a pal. normal!

then, since i was driving around and usually don't now, it seemed like a perfect night for a drive. as long as i've had a car, going on drives and listening to music has consistently been one of my favorite evening activities in the world. so, even though gas prices are now 3.15 in chicago (mark it; this is one of those points that will be on someone's you-were-born-in-76, and-milk-was-93-cents! birthday card), i went. i think the car drive is the equivalent to strolling when it's too late to stroll.

it's a nice night here - not perfect, but pretty enough; the air is heavy. this week has been unusually cool outside, and it's made me start to have seasonal regret... you know, where you feel like you didn't do enough that you wanted to do, in the summer days of long sunshine and late nights. there's got to be more to do.

what's left to be done?


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