Sunday, January 27, 2008

the civil war stops

oct 19th - hattiesburg, MS
oct 20th - vicksburg, MS

lemme be honest here. i have no fucking idea what happened in hattiesburg. seriously, what happened there? haskins? any idea?
here's what i do know - i got drunk on one of these nights, because i was depressed or some shit (healthy, no?). i also know the 19th was my mom's birthday (she's the best), so i called her and i felt far from home and missed my family.
i also know that vicksburg was easily in my top three hardest tourco shows, a funny way to end our southern leg. we went to the civil war memorial in jackson, maybe?, and then had the show that night. the show had NO tech support and we were essentially in a gym with only 5 mics for the 6 of us. we had a casserole-ish sup and we hung out in our mini-dressing rooms as we waited for hell to start. notables on show: crowd was super drunk, it was essentially a corporate buyout that our tourco was doing, and some guy in the middle of sarah & i doing an improv scene said something remarkably dirty about me wanting to bend over more to think about doin' me and workin' my ta-s. comedy?

anyway, after watching play-by-play baseball on my phone all night backstage and gritting our teeth through the show, we gunned it outta there, but not before i could charm the waitstaff and snag a thousand beers from the kraft services people. imagine me just continuously nodding and talking about the show, but stuffing numerous brews in my shirt and pants. this is pretty much what happened, though i shotgunned a few. i ran outside and brought them to the cast decompressing outside afterwards, they went bonks, and then i'd go back in and do it again.

that night we went to a bar in town - shad was protective about my heart-choices, lehrer eyed the locals, and aimee mckay found a real love for techno. so, that's something.


Blogger Erik said...

I wanted to put this in here so that you remember exactly what I thought when you invited me to this Blog (excerpt taken from our IM):

"...You have a no-nonense dry humor that is part corporate Tyler Durden, part misty maiden. I have no idea if that makes sense, so I'll continue in the next paragraph...."

"...Maybe a little anarchy with biting wit and a splash of grenadine."

"... and a tequila shot."

Going to go read more now.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous teal said...

hattiesburg - international checkers hall of fame. a-shambles! burned down. PORCELAIN DOLL FEET!

9:48 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

erik, i really like your description of me. i also would love to know what "part misty maiden" implies.

i enjoy being categorized with tequila and/or grenadine. and tyler durden. he was a badass.

9:32 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

oh my god, teal, that was hattiesburg?

this is all coming together then.
it's all coming together.

i don't remember one lick of that show - only the bits around it.

isn't that the way?

9:33 PM  

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