Sunday, December 30, 2007

the homestretch

september 29th: bloomington, IL.

our final stop on a full week of touring, which would bring our 10-states-in-one-month spree to a close. we performed in a big 3000 seat auditorium on our last night with an uber helpful tech staff, which really made the last night on the road much easier.

most of us also wanted to bone one of the stagehands, a guy who's name is escaping me now three months later. blue, if you're reading this, advise. the dudes wanted him too. jake? lars? sven?

the most lovely part of this evening, though, was when meghan (stage manager, friend) and chuck (musical director, period) (kidding!), did our scenes off book back to us best they could after watching the same show for almost a month. they were honestly not too shabby, and we all laughed at the imitations of us, both for the accuracy and for the sheer inaneness that they had memorized all of our facial expressions and idiosyncracies due to all the time we had.

from bloomington, we gunned it back to chicago the two hours, and got to sleep in our own beds very, very late. yes.


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