Thursday, October 04, 2007

oh, claire

september 26th: eau claire, WI.

i drove the kids in the big blue van the 4 hours this am to eau claire, a beautiful town with lots of liberals, pedways, music stores, and antique/gun shops. this drive was super wonderful for me; there's something sort of romantic of watching your pals nod off in the early morning and looking at the scenery, iPod in, being in charge of the travel-weary. meghan is always so thankful when someone else drives, so i want to try to make a habit of offering. reminder.

we were pleased upon arrival in eau claire to a., find that our hotel was only a block from the venue and a killer coffee shop called acoustic cafe, and b., see that the poster hanging outside for our performance was huge, vinyl, and actually OF US. this rarely happens. after our photo shoot a few weeks back, these guys must've gotten a copy of one of our press packets, and there we were. we yoinked the poster and it's rolled up in my bedroom as we speak, soon to be displayed proudly someplace.

nice work.


Blogger tara d. said...

sidebar: i am in the middle there, i know it's tough to see in that little photo. but can we take a minute to address how blonde i look in black and white?

i'm a regular blondie, i am.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Eau Claire Bars said...

Hey! Heard that the show was great, too bad I was unable to attend. When are you guys stopping by for another show?

8:32 AM  

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