Sunday, December 30, 2007

so, where were we?

ah, yes.
pella, iowa : september 28th.

after a lovely stay in a strange town with a car for a bed, we moved on to pella iowa. pella was by far one of the more conservative places we had been, a town full of christians, windmills, tulips, and something called a "dutch letter". shad ran to the closest/best bakery nearby that had the town staples, and bought them for us. apparently they are only sold in a handful of towns across the US, those with a high amish constituency. sort of dense but flaky croissant-ish dough is shaped into a letter of the alphabet, and filled with a sort of chocolate spread inside. the spread is the consistency of something like nutella. the cast went apeshit over them; i only thought they were fine, but was adoring of their cuteness.

i took a little lap around town during our break and bought a lot of souvenirs for family and friends here. for some reason, this was the leg of our september tour that everything started weighing on my mind, and i needed a little alone time. it's probably the reason i haven't blogged about anything since this point - i can't remember it because some moderately personal stuff kinda fogged my brain up here, and honestly, probably for the remainder of fall months. still, touring is always fun.

our show was well received in a beautiful, old little theatre - something we didn't expect after the on-site contact warned us that the year before people had complained about some over-liberal content (read: a song about bush not caring about education). (racy!) during the intermission and monitoring crowd reaction, we all confirmed that we would indeed do our most terrifying number, Censor, in which i rap offensive bits with a partner and the FCC cleans it up. they liked it, and we were duly surprised. that was really something.


Blogger Tom said...

The FAA cleans it up? I would have thought they'd be too busy landing planes to worry about racy songs.

(I am such an asshole)

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea thanks for the dutch letters you brought back - I think I got my favorite letter - S!

9:27 AM  

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