Monday, December 31, 2007

drinking hurricanes brings tornadoes

oct 18th: mississippi state.
we arrived on campus at mississippi state to a beautiful student union type hotel, a nice treat after two nights at a "rape-motel" (doors leading directly outside, first floor, window, truck stop) in hammond. mississippi state was a big campus, with lots of fun things to do while walking around - like go to borders and junk like that. we were happy. we weren't happy, though, when the campus was struck with a tornado upon our arrival; we tucked in for a bit while alarms went off, then all cleared and we went to tech.

truth be told, i don't remember anything about this show, i only remember the aftermath. we met a college improv troupe - they were fun and joined us later to dart off and watch the red sox (win, josh beckett, game 5). i also remember that we had ridiculous chairs for this show at first, like, throne-like chairs that we had difficulty moving around during chair sets and were hesitantly switched by the staff to much easier to manage plastics. this show is also the show where we learned our beloved haskins was being offered a job with Current, a writing position in LA, just an hour before showtime. she was going to take it if it was offered, and then, it was.


Anonymous Regina said...

wahoo Mississippi State! I lived in a town about a half hour from Starkville for several years and my bro went to Mississippi State. Good times!

8:43 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

totally good times. thanks for commenting, regina. i'm getting back on the blog-wagon as we speak.

11:14 PM  

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