Thursday, October 19, 2006

caeti and romanski

friends frank and rachel are making a move to LA. frank has already technically lived there for a bit because of his work, but they had been doing long distance for a bit during tv season. we were lucky to get frank back in the summer while he was on hiatus, but romanski got a job out in cali running the SC training center admin side, so it was finally time to go. their homebase is now (sadly) in LA.

on monday night, we had a great chance to hang out with both of them and say farewell (for now, i hope). both seemed anxious to get to restart coupling up again soon, but were lamenting leaving chicago. frank also mentioned missing everything here. the more friends we all have that go into tv, the more that tell us to appreciate our time on stages instead. i'm noting it.

one or two times, i've had people call me "the female frank caeti". this is amongst my favorite compliments. frank was a person i immediately looked to when i started comedysportz. when he began the stages at second city, the way he touted csz and treated it with the respect it deserves has always inspired me.

good luck, great people.


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