Tuesday, September 26, 2006

to the corp

i've been doing a ridiculous amount of corporate comedy, which is mostly good because girrrrl is in need of the scratch. what isn't good, however, is when a client you and friends spent days of your life writing for ask you if they should have regrets about going with something funny to start their event, when the event is 30 hours away.

eat it.

"we're not funny people," said the client. really? guess what? i know. i can tell by your snotty-ass disposition, the way you treat me and my company, and by how boring and tedious our conversations are. we didn't solicit to you. you came to us. everyone else in your company seems like they rule. you have continually fucked us over and made us drop everything for you. you're irresponsive, rude, and dowdy. how are you such a stick in the mud? how do you live your life? i hate your life. if you think that corporate comedy is too risque, please don't watch an episode of friends - it'll be too much.

other ones besides that one have been exactly as they should be - goofy, grandiose, and fun. this one to the left is a pretty average set up for a workshop i helped teach for SC in arizona. pretty awesome. why they can't all be like that, i'll never know.


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