Saturday, September 16, 2006

meade to order

i am terrified of renaissance faires.

not only are they a turn-off, but much like people recoil from clowns or spiders, i recoil from meade and warlocks. i don't even know if warlocks are from then, i just wanted to write warlocks.

about two weeks ago, friends lori and steph did a reprehensible thing: they used their birthdays as a reason to make people gather at a ren faire. this, to me, was the dirtiest trick, the most unforgiveable or unforgiveables.

then, i drank three glasses of meade, and things sure didn't seem as bad. it was actually - well, sorta fun. super pretty day. made new pals that tagged along. there were so many people there. i got to watch street acts and see about a thousand breasts spilling out, and probably got hit on more in the span of a few hours than in a month or two. okay. i'll take it. once in a lifetime, i'll take it.

i had my own nerd moment too - i walked past this suit of armor and claws and immediately barked "isn't that sauron?" - it sure was. tim sniffen turned to me and smiled - well, you just revealed some true colors.


Anonymous Tom said...

The unicorns on that dude's shirt are playing leap-frog.

6:19 PM  

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