Friday, August 25, 2006

i can see (ever)clearly now

this week - in addition to it being super stressful - has now become very fun. lots of celebrations (there's still a long entry coming about the csz banquet) and gatherings, and it's lovely. for a bit there, i wasn't finding enough time to breathe, and now i feel the next 5 days or so are just filled with reasons to hang.

last night, a few of the csz girls got together and went drinking at cesar's margaritas. we have hit this place many a time in the past two years or so, but hadn't been for about two months. the lore here in chicago is that they're called "killer" margaritas because they put everclear in them instead of rum or tequila, and they make you drunkski in 14 seconds. i believe this rumor.

we got free shots from our waiter and i had two jumbo margs, which effectively made me a playful nightmare. the night was supposed to end by 11pm, but it sure didn't. both stephs, sara, robyn and i all stumbled over to egor's dungeon (see picture: pretty much what it sounds like) and giggled a lot, then went to big city tap (affectionately known as 'big titty') and learned just how easy it is to get hit on by swarms of douchebags.

super fun night. i need more nights like this. everyone does.
tonight, my team from iO, merman - the merladies are gathering and having a slumber p. now that's what i'm talking about.


Blogger Tyler said...

Ack! My friends and I got free shots from our waiter there a couple of weeks ago. I think that was so they could try to charge us drunk white folks for an extra pitcher of margaritas, but we caught them. Nice try, Cesar!

2:38 PM  

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