Thursday, August 03, 2006

catch up


i haven't really caught you up on virginia. i'm apprehensive, though it was an amazing week as noted in the last post, to mention much because i know the campers can find us. so, i'll stick with what was said and hope that you understand how interesting and wonderful a gift it is to feel like you can bring something new and exciting to an area that is unfamiliar with that thing.

i am waiting with bated breath on pen-pals, though. at the end of class this year, i gave out my e-mail and home address in major hopes that we'd be pen pals with some of these kids this year. i really want to send them postcards and say hello in the hopes that we can keep tabs on some who are growing too old for the camp, or those who feel lost in the on-months of traditional schooling. one of our favorite campers told joey's sister abby during art one day that he had decided we wanted to do what we do, that he wanted to try improv. my only dream in life now has become pushing this kid after college to go for it. he's 14. we have time.


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