Saturday, June 24, 2006

training day

had a few moments of regret today. well, i don't believe in regret, but i did feel a few "i-should've"s.

today when i arrived at midway, there was no reason to scurry, so i took the train back. as i got to the lip of the stairwell, a woman was escorting a blind man to the stairwell. god bless you, he said to the woman, and she blessed him back. he then started a long journey down the staircase.

i carried my bag down some stairs and carefully scooted by, confusing the drop-off for a desire for autonomy. i never want to assume someone can't do something, so, i just assumed it was what he felt comfortable with. when i got to the bottom of the triple-decker stairs, he was still on the first part. the train holds at the bottom of that staircase and waits to fill. a woman came off the train and offered the man a hand. he took it. i didn't know.

always care to ask, i guess, is the lesson.


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