Tuesday, August 22, 2006

volunteers of america

on sunday, i signed up to volunteer everywhere in america.

not really, but i did sign up for quite a few things. this is something i've wanted to do for a bit, but it's defintely coming to pass because i've been having quite a few big talks. this is a struggle that has always plagued me - at least for a decade or more of my life now, i just don't know where i stand when it comes to my spirituality. i feel like a really spiritual person, but i don't like claiming something specific, and while church is a great place for some, it does little for me than make me turn in circles. it does, however, provide me with focus and a chance to meditate once in a while, something i don't necessarily block time for on my own.

i feel like as a gen x-er, it's pretty obvious to doubt and question and be relatively cynical about most things. this, this is no exception, though 20% of me wishes i could suspend my disbelief in this more and just believe. this subject has recently surfaced with friends, boyf (you heard me), and self, and i guess, per usual, i feel a little lost. since that lost feeling isn't going anywhere, i decided that for me, the most proactive thing i can do in my quest for what makes me "good" is give back more than i am, and see what i feel after that.

it's hard with my weirdo varied schedule, so i focused on three things.
a. big bro-hams, big sistros: signed up to be a big sister to a 7-12 year old somewhere in chicago. this time commitment is pretty big, so i bet they won't think i'll be an ideal candidate. interested, though, and i'd love to do it if they're flexible. i'd take my sis everywhere! playgrounds! comedy shows! ice cream! america!
b. "being a grandparent" - i'm not sure why they call it this, but this is the actual term for a volunteer that goes into hosps and rocks and feeds at-risk babers. since i'm dead inside re: babies, this may make me wake up, and commitment wise, this is ideal. a few hours a week with a baby that will enjoy you while there and won't be upset if they get someone else the next day.
c. telephone reassurance for the elderly - there's an organization here that really believes in the support of the elderly community through phone contact. their reasoning is that since a lot of older people are homebound, some of them don't like visitors because they are embarrassed about their physical state or ability, or even just their appearance, but still crave contact with people. so, they've created phone pals. i like this idea. i want to help. i just want to be reliable enough to talk to once a week or whatever, and interesting enough for them to want to talk to.

hope i can do one or two of these. i'll find out more in the next week.


Blogger Alcuin Bramerton said...

Talking to flowers is another possibility. Flowers are very quiet, but you always get subtly coloured responses. Sometimes a flower will ignore you completely. This is very grounding. To be ignored by a vegetable lifeform is the definition of personal freedom. It's like the relief of getting home and finding that there are no messages on the answering system.

7:58 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

in case anyone was wondering, this is real.

i'm buying 40 plants right now.

dharma, get down off of that table!

8:28 AM  

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