Thursday, August 24, 2006

treading new ground

viral video is fun... but, is it bad that i'm already sort of sick of it? several of the places i work for are using it for cheap marketing and to create while exposing to large swarms of surfers that would never normally get to a comedy theatre. you tube, all that stuff - it's sweeping the nation. i totally appreciate how awesome it is, but there's so much stuff out there that i feel like i can't keep up on watching junk, and then i feel that deflating ubiquitous artist feeling that there are no new ideas. i really don't believe that, but i do feel pressure now that everyone is making stuff - there's a constant influx of product everywhere, at all times.

one thing though caught my eye today on the colbert report regarding this, though - band OK go made a video about two or three weeks ago that they only put on youtube, and did not release to mtv. YEAH! way to skip the middle man. no one should dictate what your message is, what you can do, or tell you after hard work how famous you're allowed to be. you tell 'em, boys. this was well worth the watch.


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