Wednesday, September 06, 2006

no scrubs

the past few days have been spent in and out of medical centers. my immune system shot because of other junk, i have been diagnosed with strep, tonsilitis, and a possible sinus infection. ol' dumbbag should've known this was worse than your average cold, but i always err on the side of don't-be-a-wuss; in this case, my stubborn italian-ness of avoiding more docs at all costs was severely stupid. on monday evening, as i was about to eat with rich, i realized i couldn't swallow. it had hurt for days, but was in this moment an actual hazard. i've just been down on that part of life lately, doctors and zzzz, but - what a dumbo.

so, now, i'm much better, after two days of being near comatose. i'm on lots of antibiotics and - moreover, painkiller - so, i'm riding high at this point. with the exception of a few hours that i spent at SC this morning for an orientation, thissss one has enjoyed the company of friends and rest for the past while. sucks, but it's good. that makes sense, right? i'm high.


Anonymous Matt said...

Get better Tara D. I totally share your "err on the side of not being a wussness." Of course at this point that means I've had the same terrible chest cold for 2+ weeks now. I tried to call the doctor today and they told me they couldn't see me until the 18th. I don't plan on still being sick then so I turned it down. (cough cough cough)

11:50 PM  
Anonymous MoFo said...

TD! Girl, I wish I was there to give you a great big hug. Take care, I know I'm thinking of you.

- d

10:58 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

thanks, you guys. what nice friends. i am doing a bit better on the cold front. thank you.

12:07 AM  

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