Wednesday, October 18, 2006

listen, kid... here's the deal

i can't believe it's almost time - listen, kid is just around the corner. peter gwinn wrote all the dialogue, steph mccullough wrote all the music, rich prouts directs. this is a real chicago-y project. lots of close pals involved with this show & some talented new folk. our official opening isn't until next week, but this thursday is the preview. it's fun to be in a play again, though most of what i do is talk about bjs and boning. hey, kids need to learn, i guess.

here's the synopsis:
"Listen, Kid..." the new musical by Peter Gwinn (Emmy-nominated writer for "The Colbert Report') and Stephanie McCullough opens Thursday Oct 26th, with a special preview performance on Thursday October 19th.

In a world where lessons on sharing seem trite and being nice to your neighbor can get you shot, there is "Listen, Kid…", the musical that explores what kids really need to know about growing up. But, make no mistake, this show is for mature audiences.

This collection of hilarious scenes and unforgettable songs teaches brutally honest lessons about 21st century topics from childhood obesity to the dangers of being “friends with benefits”. You’ll wish you saw this show when you were nine!
Featuring:Joey Bland Tara DeFrancisco Kimberley Hellem Dave Ries Sarah Reule Brandon Sornberger Sam Super Directed by Rich Prouty Thursdays 8:00pm Oct 26-Dec 21 i.O. Theater 3541 N. Clark StChicago IL 60657 Tickets: $12 / $5 for i.O students with ID Reservations: 773-880-0199 Visit


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