Sunday, October 02, 2005

you're my only hope

just because it's halloween, petsmart, it doesn't make it right.

one day, dogs will kill us.


Anonymous natty gan said...

not my dog.
then again, she is half squirrel.

9:54 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

what does this mean?

a squirrel certainly wouldn't be dressed up. stranger natty gan, YOUSOCRAZY!

10:25 PM  
Anonymous nell said...

i posted that before the whole weiner in a weiner thing...
squirrel is our dogs nickname...see what i'm saying?

and natty gan rules

10:47 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

now i know it's you, trace.
you are a drunk.

you also have 80 nicknames for your dog, for pete's s.

sidebar: natty gan was my first girlgirlcrush. who was that?

in addition, nell was a giveaway.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous clarice said...

i used natty g because she was a total crush... of course my next major crush was jodi... but you can't just say jodi... hence, nell!! and ever since i wrote that i have been running around the front yard saying "tay ay en de wein"... complete with arm swing.
we need to find out who natty g was!
nuggie, elzada montoya, mona, monica, huggity girl, gorby, dandy, hermy, noodle all send their love

11:19 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

her name is meredith salenger. thank you, imdb:

here's the movie:
john cusack was the dude? had no idea.

here's the post:

...maybe i also loved the wolf.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous little man tate said...

you beat me... F
i was coming back to say her name is mer sal... damn... she is not so much of a crush hey, did she get with john cusak in that movie... i think i need to re-watch
that would ruin it for me.
you know?

11:30 PM  
Anonymous trace said...

is mariel hemingway
a) related to hemingway
b) gay
c) for real?
ps. can anyone name the captial of Nova Scotia?

12:42 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

no, no - no get with... i think he was her brother in the journey of natty gann. i think? anyone?

same on seeing it again - it'd be ruined. i don't remember why i liked her, but i think it was because she was tough (and wore a newsies cap).

8:46 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

also, dressing up pets is stupes.

8:46 AM  

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