Monday, October 17, 2005

apples to apples

sunday nights are a perfect night to get the wits/bejesus/piss scared outta ya.

last night, about 20-25 comedysportzers and friends-of went to jonamac orchard, a farm in malta, il.

see this picture to the right? that's 10 acres of corn, friends. the first half (appleseed man and words -"mac Orchard") had clues inside it, called waypoints. the waypoints guided you out of the maze if you solved the problems on them correctly. you also could find checkpoints, which would be milemarkers with hole-punchers on them that showed you found it within the corn.

fun anyway, but what if i told you it was all in the dark?
...what if?

full moon and glow sticks guiding our ways, we began the second half. when you get to the second part - the tree, leaves, barrel, "Jona", and "Johnny Appleseed"- you are warned that this half is haunted. we scoffed, but then heard the roaring of chainsaws and various screams throughout the maze. my group - rich, deanna, and rance - thought we were unscare-able, but were proved wrong at least once a piece, some more than others (deanna, 18x).

best parts?
*Faceless Reaper jumped out at us and scared us about 2/3 through, and then i asked FR for directions. FR was remarkably kind.
*rance tricked us several times by being like, hey, there's nothing this way, turn around - leading us to spin directly into axe murderer
*at the very end, there was a tarp. every one of us was like, look out, tarp!, then a huge gorilla jumped out and attacked us. "there shouldn't be monkeys in corn!", we shouted.

treat yourself and go.


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