Friday, October 20, 2006

sowing the seeds of love

highsch friend claudia is getting married this weekend, about 15 minutes away from my college, OU (1.5 hours from columbus). my high school friends are awesome, and vastly different (but at heart, the same). there's a group of about 20 of us who have stayed really close, after more than 10 years of being outta there, running the gamut on careers and lifestyles.

the invitation was designed by another friend, jenny. it's on a natural brown paper, with imprints of leaves. the outside says this:
"the minute i heard my first love story
i started looking for you
not knowing how blind that was
lovers don't finally meet somewhere
they're in each other all along"

claudia is a super kind woman. she's pretty, nice, giggly and giving, and i love her to bits. her transformation into womanhood has been a neat one - she studied abroad in india for a long while, looked into being a du lac, and now works and lives off a farm in southeastern ohio. whoa!

her fiance andy, also a graduate of bishop watterson a few years after us, was raised irish-catholic but now is a follower of the Hopi faith. you heard me. because of this, they are having a very non-traditional day - we are camping on a piece of land with a pig roast after a very hippie wedding. (i mean, let's call it as we sees it, yes?) i'm looking forward to it, to hang with friends and camp in XTREME weather. and, what is a wedding if not the couple's day? let's do this! Hopi! Faith!

it certainly isn't a weekend of shows.


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