Friday, October 21, 2005

boomin' granny

to get around this casino complex, you have to take a shuttle. this shuttle is usually occupied with one of three kinds: the drunk 30-something dude, the elderly, or anyone named scooter (really).

i haven't taken advantage of my per diem (read: daily allowance), so on my last morning, i decided to hit the breakfast bar. the buffet is inside the casino. today on an earlier shuttle, it was just me and one older lady, around 75 or so.

after swinging through some hotels en route, we finally came to the casino. "here we are, at the strip club," she said. i chuckled, but obviously looked confused. she winked. "y'see, after this, we'll be lucky to come home with anything."


Blogger Superman said...

Buy ticket to get back home and bet the rest on a single hand on blackjack - you either get back home, or you go to Hollywood

12:27 PM  

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