Friday, June 24, 2005

yes, virginia, there is a santa claus

i've decided to go to virginia at the end of july.
my great friend, joey, is going to lebanon, va, to teach an kid improv/drama camp. he asked me a while back if i'd be interested in going, and i had time to think about it. i did think about it, and now i'm itchin' to go.

lots of corporate work is popping up - casino gigs, comedysportz work, dave and co. corporate sessions. but one of the biggest regrets i have in life is not getting to joey and heather's wedding in VA in 2003, in heather's hometown; and i feel like this trip will be quality time with them that will make me feel like i'm living that more than i could then. i can't wait. more on that development as it comes.

sometimes this time, this stuff, seems to count more.


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