Monday, June 20, 2005

kid fever

randomly, two kids (that i didn't know) ran up to me and grabbed me today.

one was at a restaurant this morning while we were still in iowa. a little guy reached up and (mistakenly?) grabbed my hand while i was standing in line with everyone else waiting to be seated. i said hi. he smiled and ran off to the back with his fam.

later tonight, i went to jewel to grab a few things - while i was in line, a little girl with cute afro-puffs being held by her mom leaned forward and put her hand, then head, on my shoulder. "tired?" i said. she nodded and sleepily smiled. "you and me both," i said, and she giggled. it could have been the witticism, but more likely, it was me playing peekaboo after.

thankfully, i'm dead inside and don't have a biological clock (yet).


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