Monday, June 20, 2005

outta dodge

thankfully, i got lucky and a gig came upon me that made me do what anyone should do when they're self-loathing and angry at things: get the hell outta dodge.

had a great time from saturday am-sunday afternoon in iowa city. i went on a SC GayCo remote with half scripted material and half improv junk to the pride festival there. pride month rules. people rule. several elements RULED: a., people being generally pride-filled around this quaint little city, b., our accomodations were nice, a fancier sheraton, c., our host was lovely and provided us with good pay and a delightful meal, d., gayco was welcoming and wonderful to all, not dependent on whether you were glbt or not, e., i got to spend a lot of time with 3 people i didn't know well (mandy, stuart, and blaine the stage mgr), and f., i got to spend tons of time with one of my great friends i DO know well (joey) - we got to room togeth and had a super fun sleepover.

something i miss about being a little more immersed in the glbt community is how much appreciation you receive for doing outreach shows. it's really amazing to go someplace where they aren't saturated with theatre and comedy that shadows their own lives and situations. it's nice. it feels service-y in some ways, and i'd like to find a way to be more service-like in improv.

in addition, this weekend has made me want to do about 83 more roadtrips this summer. i have had a serious hankering for Glacier National Park or the Badlands, both of which are out of reach. iowa city was about 3.5 hours away, and that was very doable. earlier this week, in our 1.5 hour trip to michigan city, indiana, my friend Cayne told me about a place called Dickeyville (waiting... you have a joke? wait, there it is! get it? it's about a dong!) - it's someplace in wisconsin, maybe about 4 hours out. a priest felt it was his calling to build a grotto up there, but started and made the grotto completely out of trash. he died before completion, and a bunch of people traveled there and finished it. now, it's become a more recently popular-ized weird tourist site, like the biggest ball of twine, wall drug, or mitchell's corn palace. apparently, it's also only 30 minutes from the field of dreams site.


so, something is on the docket. i'm not sure what. in a few weeks, i'll be heading home to c-bus. that will be the best. it's the best.

where else should i go within reach, midwesterners? have car, will travel.


Blogger Meg said...

You know where. Tha Nati.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Hey Tara D! Yay, that you're back to bloggin'! Anyway, we always have lots of fun in Southwestern Michigan Wine Country ( It's only like 2 hours away, there's lots of fun wine tasting to be had, as well as lots of camping in the area ( There's also lakefront beaches, Saugatuck (with plenty of B&Bs), South Haven, etc. It's a great Sat-Sun weekend trip.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous karen g said...

TD! There's a charming podunk town not far at all from Chicago (Michigan City, Indiana), and you feel like you're a world away...PLUS they have outlet shopping! Wheee! I had fun there...

love you,

1:16 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

to pink scorp:
i can only come there if you
haven't trashed the 'nati.

don't trash the 'nati.

2:57 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...


i've heard good things about saugatuck, and never bee, also, i am super excited about anywhere called campitcampground.

camp IT!

let's go camping.
or perfect?

2:58 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

that's where i was for that blue chip thing - but all i got to see was the nuclear reactor. i heard there's a pier and stuff about 5 miles from the shitty part where i was. man, i like a little nuke in my wats!

why don't you come vis and we'll go outlet shopping? i have unlimited ca$h. see what i did there with "cash"?

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Zach said...

Trek out to Westmont when you're feeling loathsome. There's lots of great places to eat, and you could meet my daugter (see the 2 posts more recent than this). Love, Zach


12:26 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

oh man, zthomps. you just opened yourself to a life of visits. i'll be out there sooner than you can blink. are you into it?

2:14 AM  

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