Sunday, November 12, 2006

italian temper: gone, but not forgotten

i'm in an angry place. maybe it's good. i rarely get fired up, but i am now.
you wanna piss me off? mkay. do any combination of these:

*do nothing proactive in your own life, but constantly complain
*cheat on the person you're with, only because you're too much of a baby to talk to them
*ask me to write something, then continually change the event/staff/concept
*have road rage - it's dumb and outdated, get over it - people own guns, don't you care?
*masturbatorily make an improv show run over it's slated time with bad bits
*honk/scream/assault a shit-ton after leaving barleycorns, but just outside my window
*remix or redo any song from high-school years; i'm not old enough yet
*tell joey bland he looks like sean astin, esp. by yelling "Ruuudy!"
*make it colder in my room
*say something isn't a spoiler and then say you were, however, surprised at the twist ending
*ask me if my act will be at the funny bone soon
*don't be just plain old thankful, ever


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