Monday, January 23, 2006

cheap date

i think that title, coupled with the below post, says it all.

this year (meaning, since three weeks ago), i haven't drank very much. i've never been a lush or anything, but nearly everyone has their college-isn't-so-far-away moments. in addition, in the community we're immersed in, drinking is blase, since bars are our playing field and smoky stages are our offices. now, drinking empty beers has been harshly restructured for me, so it now takes about 2 of something for me to be... wasters.

despite the obvious benefits of not drinking (keeping your scrilla, continuing health kick, not being drunk), the change has been a positive one because i hate being ruined the next day. you know, the smoky hair, the phone-sex voice, the need for sleep, the uselessness. since i don't have a traditional workday, no boss, the ownus is on me to make the best of my time, and it's my own fault when i don't.

but let's get real.

being drunk is fun. it is hard to top the intimacy that comes with being wasted with someone else, together. no topic goes unbreeched, inside jokes are born, and it is silly and great. talking and listening and learning about someone else is amongst my favorite things, and drunkenness gives you license to really get in there. plus, feelings you didn't know you had about things (and really, may not have about things) come out - and that, friends, is funny.

so, would i rather talk to someone over coffee than a beer? hmm. the adult part says mochas, but the 20 year old? she says cobras, y'all! actually, none of me says cobras. have you had one? don't.

it's a toss up.

to everything, there is a season.
a time to drink coff, a time to drink beer.
and really - both produce results that are satisfying... but one allows you to remember it all in the morning.


Anonymous Mo said...

Hi Tara, it's me... Monique Madrid. I stubbled across your blog and thought I'd say "Hi!"

If you're ever bored, you can check out me and Corey's blog "BlogSchmog"

Thanks for helping my day be a little more exciting. I hope to do the same for you some day too.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous trace said...

"really get in there"

...i agree, but i have a mean 20 year old streak...and my job also loves a good beer after a days work...well, more like a 6 each and few sips of some whiskey. one of the best things is laughing the next day at the circus that was the night/day before. mems galore.

i loved your wasted blog td, but i was a little jealous to not be out causing trouble witchya...come over.

coffs or cobs, i am in.

2:18 PM  
Blogger christine said...

Are you kidding....I LOVE drinking. Love it. Love coffee too but in a different way. I wish I could drink right now but I am on call. Being on overnight call this often is my only evidence that my drinking is not a problem. I don't have the shakes and I am not sneaking it in the ER bathroom. My worst thing is that I miss it. And your blog make me miss you, me, BFs, several pitchers of beer (with sides of lime for you, TD) and Summit Station. (Maybe I do have a problem.)

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Montecore's Revenge said...

I drink neither caffine nor alcohol. Yet, I'm not a Mormon. Go figure. I do it for purely secular reasons.

11:25 PM  
Blogger eileen said...

Coffee is fabulous, but more of a fuel than a pastime. When it comes to good times talking with good friends, there is no substitute for booze. Coffee is for coworkers, booze is for buds. The hangovers I could do without, though.

9:12 AM  

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