Thursday, December 01, 2005

i don't own emotion, i rent (barf)

saw rent last night with the blands. i was psyched to see it, because most of the cast of the movie is the same cast i saw on broadway many moons ago. honest critique?: i liked it more than not. let the record show - i am a sucker for musicals. pretty much a sucker. i think that overacting is one of the worst offenses out there, but in musicals, it just reads differently with prose in song. so, mild offenses go undetected, and i am still satisfied.

things that bugged me:
*beginning of "rent" song, with rapp riding bike down street. during this point, joey and i both thought uh-oh, worrying the whole thing would be this much cheese (it wasn't)
*some dialogue is directly transcribed from song, so, if you're a dork like me and memorize musicals, then you might be annoyed at first when song-banter becomes plain banter that sort of rhymes (most notable in benny ripping on mark re: maureen at building)
*holy god, the santa fe montage in "what you own (america)" is among one of the worst movie moments i can think of. what is this, a dodge durango commercial? awful. it also reminded me of one of the things i hate about this musical - how much they drive the title home. "rentrentrentre-ntrent!/ we're not gon-na pay rent!/ 'cause ev-ry-thing is rennnnnnnnnnnnnt!"/

everything is rent?

things i liked:
*rosario dawson and new joanne were good, i thought. note, here: in the play, both women were much curvier, and though i think rosario dawson is super pretty, i liked that about the play.
*i get why they chopped songs and had to remix things. i thought for the most part, it worked.
*i loved "santa fe", the song. this is a good example of giving a song a new movie setting that really works, unlike above.
*jesse martin, if i could marry anyone, would be my first choice in the world right now. joey said something like jesse martin for president! as we walked out of the theater. amen.

on a related note, today is world aids day. man. i've lost someone dear to me from aids, and i'd like to remember them today. in the comedy world, weve gotten to a place where aids is tossed around as an easy punchline. i certainly don't believe in censorship or judgement of anything onstage, so that's not my point at all; just out there, on real time, please remember how serious this epidemic is before you toss it around.


Blogger Zach said...

My whole family went to see the musical in CHI. My dad and I bookended the family. At intermission, he looked at me and without saying anything, pinched his nose. I couldn't agree more. Seriously, what more could be said about Rent that Team America didn't?

10:05 AM  
Blogger Scotty 2 Hotty said...

Sometimes I love being in the Midwest. Walking out of Rent I heard a portly corn-fed heffer kind of guy in flannel say "I finally understand Team America!" It's great that he had something he could take away from the production.

2:05 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

i think i saw it at the only time it will ever translate all the way with the right cast. i was lucky. i bet touring cos kind of stink.

ah well.

1:31 AM  

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